IAED Training Programs

 Empowering your most valuable assets... your own people,
to solve your companies problems and challenges.

Senior Exective Course

Top Executive Management Team Motivation

Problem Solving & Decision Making Team Building.

Critical Thinking

The "Rules" of Business

Controlling your Business and your Competition.

Beating the Big Guys (Competition) at their Game.

Sales Training & Sales Motivation

Marketing Course for Executives

Geopolitical & Geostrategic Strategy

Insight into the United Nations

Nonprofit Secrets/Rules

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Call for Customized "On-Site/In-House" Training Programs for your company.

See IAED Consulting

Dr. Gell teaching in Hong Kong

These progams and courses come from years of eperience in the corporate world around the globe,
which are now given to Least Developed and Developin Counries.
Our Advisors may participate for contributions to IAED.

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